Shiseido - D Program Vital Act Emulsion 100ml

Brand from Japan: Shiseido. Contains skin soothing ingredient, Dipotassium glycyrrhizate, that has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects to soothe skin and prevent inflammation. Refine and firm skin to protect against signs of aging & visibly reduce appearance of lines & wrinkles. With Starfruit leaf extract and Yoshino Cherry Leaf extract refine skin's texture by inhibiting degradation of collagen, boosting collagen production while preventing skin problems caused by collagen degradation (i.e. wrinkles, poor skin tautness). Contains Ononis spinosa root extract to repair and strengthens skin's basement membrane (which connects dermis & epidermis) and Chestnut rose fruit extract to creatre natural moisturising factor which bolsters moisture retention and firms skin. With Yeast Extract Complex to help increase beauty Microbiome. Beauty Microbiome will help increase skin moisture content and retain skin's moisture. Beauty Microbiome also helps to enhance skin barrier function at 3 levels. Physical barrier: Enhance skin shield to protect skin from external stimuli Biological barrier: Strengthens skin natural defense system with selective antimicrobial function to preserve skin friendly microbiome Immunological barrier: Command immune system to provide essential functions With Shiseido's unique absorption promoting ingredient and oil miniaturisation technology that allows easy absorption of lotion into skin, such that beauty ingredients can go deeper into skin to moisturise and maintain skin's natural barrier function. Improves skin turnover function with tranexamic acid by preventing skin roughness, making skin even-textured and inhibiting melanin production and prevent dark spots and freckles. Contains DP complex to effectively improves the skin s barrier function. How to use: After applying Vital Act lotion, dispense one pump on your palm and gently apply on the face. Do not rub vigorously on particularly sensitive areas. Gently press the skin with your palms.

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